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  • Homoeopathy is 200 years old...
    system of medicine based on law of similia similibus curanture...
  • Homoeopathy medicines are prepared
    from natural substances & are given minute doses so
    they are safe for all age group.
  • Homoeopathy works on the root cause
    of the disease by stimulating our immune system rightly
    thus taking us to complete cure.

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Dr. Ashwini Joshi Homoeopathy Clinic


Homoeopathy is a youngest & latest science of therapeutics based on scientific principle

Special Children

Condition like Autism, Developmental delay, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, downs syndrome etc.

Acute Disease

Like viral fevers (dengue, swine flue) Bacterial Infection of respiratory system, Urinary, gastrointestinal tract skin etc. Any acute condition which has statrted just a few days back.

Chronic Disease

Like skin issue (eczema, Psoriasis, Boils war, corn etc.), Respiratory condition gastrointestinal disturbances, Urinary complaints, Hormonal complaints, PCOS, Any psychiatrist condition Like Depression, Schizophrenia, Obsessive compulsive, Allergies etc.


Like a high grade fever, Loose motions, Sudden giddiness, Dehydration, Vomiting, injuries burns etc.

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Dr. Ashwini Joshi Homoeopathy Clinic

Dr. Ashwini Vikrant Joshi


BHMS from Smt. CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Vileparle, Mumbai. (1997)
PG (HOM) London From Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy, London. (2012)


Autism and Homoeopathy

Visiting Consultant

Prasanna Autism centre, Pune.
Bhagini Nivedita Sanstha, Dighi Pune.


19 Years experience in homoeopathic Practice
More than 500 cases of Autism seen in last 7-8 years.
Conducting Free camps for... Bhagini Nivedita Sanstha, Dighi Pune.


Homoeopathy is a youngest & latest science of therapeutics based on scientific principle

At the time 200 years ago, medical practice was at its worst, came homoeopathy. The present systems of treatment at that time only temporarily manage to control few prominent systems but none seemed to cure.

Homoeopathy is a youngest & latest science of therapeutics based on scientific principle, discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He rediscovered Universal law that the disease curing power of a substance is due to its disease producing power that is similia similibus curanture means 'like cure like'.

His spoke of treating the man in the disease and not the disease in the man thus restoration of health by stimulating patients own immune system.

Homoeopathy Medicine work by stimulating immunity level of the person. The medicines are selected by taking information about each individual in details since no two individual are same. Thus we call them 'Constitutional Medicines' as these medicines are tailored according to need of every individual.

Homoeopathy has a wide range of medicines in Chronic disease as well as in acute Conditions & emergencies like Injuries, Burns, Bleeding, Nerve Injury, and Food Poisoning, Diarrhea, Vomiting and all complaint of children. Just we need to select Right remedy and right Potency.